Peace Day at The Arbor School

Happy International Day of Peace! 🕊

Today we wanted to spend time to reflect on SDG 16 and ask ourselves to consider this essential question.. “What does a moment of peace look and feel like?”

Our students came together to make their mark on our very own adaptation of a Peace Pole.  Peace Poles are one of the most recognised symbols of peace worldwide and my students made their mark by writing the word peace in their native language! This initiative and embrace of diversity beautifully reflects the spirit of unity and understanding that Dr. Jane Goodall, our Messenger of Peace, continues to spread and inspire young minds globally.

Providing experiences for children to engage in Peace Day in diverse ways can have a big impact. It allows them to ignite a passion for harmony and coexistence among all living beings. It was amazing to see so many students reflect on the meaning of peace and unity, and how they can make a positive difference to their world.

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