What does it mean to have, “enough for all forever”?

The Year 9 students have been working on an inquiry which has been investigating what it means to live sustainably. We discovered that the UAE residents have one of the highest ecological footprints in the world, and we wanted to find out why and what that means to us on a local scale and personal level.

We started off by looking at consumption and production trends in the UAE, and used some sophisticated data analysis to make comparisons to other wealthy countries.

Next, knowing that households contribute up to 57% of carbon emissions in the UAE, we investigated our personal habits and what we personally consume on a day to day basis. Now, naturally, we will be looking out into our community to identify our habits and consumption in the hom and at school, and start to think about how we can make marginal gains in saving precious resources.

We will keep you updated….

Our learning journey…. So far…

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