Dr Jane visits ACS

You can’t complain when Dr. Jane Goodall shows up to spend an hour talking to the Roots & Shoots students. The club had almost 50 sign-ups for the third quarter and what a wonderful surprise to have Jane Goodall and Tara Golshan, executive director of Roots & Shoots, at our 2018 launch. The students asked excellent questions. We learned that:
– We thought that her favorite animals were the chimpanzees but we found out her favorite animal is the dog.
– We learned that we should be persistent in life and to never give up.
– That the population of chimpanzees is going down.
– Jane has never seen any tigers!
– People think that hyenas are a dangerous species but they really aren’t.
– Jane takes the stairs two steps at a time!!!!! We watched her walk up our atrium steps.
– We learned that everyday we have an adventure that awaits.
– We learned that only if we understand can we care.
– Jane was supposed to be a secretary according to the men around her.
– Only if we care, we will help. Only if we help, we shall be saved.
– Her visit to our Roots & shoots group meeting was a once in a lifetime experience!

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3 Responses to Dr Jane visits ACS

  1. Jane Goodall keeps inspiring the world and stimulates each of us to be better citizens of the world. Her work gives us courage and strength to act on what we believe and care about our environment, life in general. This will definitely result in two most important things: better future for our children and great page in human history! We wish every success to the Institute and her founder! Keep inspiring us all!

  2. jensen says:

    It’s my favorite show of all time. It brings me joy, but also helps me when I’m feeling down about my life. Especially when Jane didn’t get great reviews on her novel, it helped me to see her rededicate herself to writing. I was doubting my career choice but seeing them work through it on JTV helped Me to not give up so quickly.

  3. We agree. Keep up the good work.

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