The Sprinting Leopard!

Inspired by a connection with Roots & Shoots, the One Special Rhino initiative, Rameen Dogar organised an activity in November of 2015. The purpose was to write a book about the Arabian Leopard, an endangered animal. Under the guidance of grade 4 teacher, Cleo Burgett, Rameen slowly worked with the team.
Research, drafting, research, drafting, contacting experts in the field at the Mohamed Bin Zayed Endangers Species Organization.

Rameen kept at it. Dedicated to the passion of the ES authors: Reyna Berry and Olivia Bolz, she looked for collaborative partners and found MS art students with the support of Matt McGrady who produced the wonderful illustrations.

In November, Rameen met Jane Goodall and shared her project. Now the project is complete and copies are on sale with profits going to support the work of the Jane Goodall Institute.

For more information on how to purchase this wonderful book, please contact Anne Russell at”

Rameen Dogar Olivia and Reyna

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