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On November 28-29, the Global Climate March took place around the world to support the Climate Conference in Paris. ACS students held an event in honor of the marches with other Eco Leaders of Abu Dhabi from various universities. This event was the only one in GCC region and one of four that took place in Africa & the Middle East. Besides these pictures we made a video of our individual responses to questions on climate, Eco citizenship and COP 21. This will go towards a video commemorating action by Abu Dhabi youth and be our contribution to COP 21 .

We shared initiatives to make Abu Dhabi more sustainable one of which began at ACS. The Ecocitizen Labor Worker Project aims to make labor camps sustainable by installing water dispensers and providing reusable bottles to labor workers. This saves a worker 20% of their salary on average and promotes better health. To support the Ecocitizen Project for labor workers stop by our booth at Holiday Extravaganza! Buy a bottle for a worker and receive an ornament to hang on your artificial Christmas tree. Thank you to Julia Grifferty for making this happen.

Julia and Climate Campaign We ARE We Demand

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