Rhino Talk with William Konstant at ACS, Abu Dhabi

Roots & Shoots Abu Dhabi started the school year with a wonderful talk with William Konstant’s about his life-long career in the area of animal conservation. In ninth grade he read a book by Dr Jane Goodall that influenced his future path. Recently he collaborated with a grade 5 class to write and publish a book, One Special Rhino. This year he made a personal pledge, Trekking for Rhinos 2015, to hike 2015 miles to raise awareness for endangered species. He was in Abu Dhabi as a consultant to the Mohammed bin Zayed  Species Conservation Fund.

Three schools from the Roots & Shoots programme were able to join the talk: Bangladesh School, ACS and Emirates National School.

Everyone had a great time and enjoyed meeting Bill.

IMG_0991 IMG_0994

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One Response to Rhino Talk with William Konstant at ACS, Abu Dhabi

  1. Anne Russell says:

    I look forward to staying in touch with Bill and learning more about the programs supported in the UAE.

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