The Arabian Stallion

Al Ain Academies worked hard to make the Arabian Stallion for our United Arab Emirates National Day. 

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The stallion was made from recycled materials including:

·       Old polystyrene Dressmakers mannequin plus half of one too to create the main body of the Stallion

·       Metal rods that used to hold up the plastic ALDAR signs in Reception – cut to size and pierced into polystyrene to thread the elastic through to enable the head and neck to move freely during dance routine.  Rods also used to pierce through the polystyrene to hook the 4 legs on which were then bolted.

·       Bolts and washers used (old used ones and a few purchased) to attach legs to rods and washers used to reinforce joints of leg bones to stop tearing.

·       Old material, recycled cardboard and foam used to create leg bones, giving depth and fleshy shiny appearance to stallion. Plus old very large split pins

·       Recycled blue lacy material for saddle and to represent Al Ain Academy

·       Recycled beads donated from a parent which were used on the legs and used as eyes on the horse headdresses.

·       Recycled material used for mane and for the tail – ripped up thinly to create the shiny swaying effect whilst trotting around.

·       Buttons and old unused felt used to create the eyes plus wire to pierce into the polystyrene for stability and then glued.

·       Recycled rubber flexible hooks used to create horseshoe effect on Stallion hooves plus black recycled foam.

·       Recycled coasters for cups, painted gold and embellished with gems to create external glamourous bolts for holding legs onto the metal poles.

·       Gold belts made into rains for Stallion, cut to shape and split pins used to connect them

·       Wooden recycled broom handles, cut into 6 inch pieces x 8, painted gold and bolted onto large half circle foam to create the hooves shape.

·       Recycled construction helmets x 2 – under horse for the 2 students heads to fit in and enable horse to dance.

·       Recycled construction helmets x 4 – horses heads with glamourous styling to create heads that represented even more innovation using cardboard pierced with wire to enable it to bend and shape, ribbon. Lace, paint, beads and material to shape the horse head. This produced imaginative artwork.

·       Gold belts cut into small pieces and pierced which were used at side of helmets, threaded with ribbon for extra double support of helmet and give a real horse-riding helmet effect.

·       Thick cardboard created the horseshoes plus split pins to hold all material onto hooves and give a realistic effect.

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A huge thank you to Sonia Stewart and her team for this great creation!

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