Visit to COP28

Expo City Dubai experiences are designed to “Educate, involve, and empower climate innovators as well as those curious about becoming climate actionists in their daily lives”. A total of 102 students with 10 chaperones visited COP28 Dubai Expo City on December 12, 2023. This field trip provided insight into the nation’s commitment to fostering a greener future, highlighting substantial investments in renewable energy and groundbreaking eco-friendly initiatives, and also helped the students envisage how the word ‘sustainability’ matters in the present and future.

The students visited The Technology and Innovation Hub, a dedicated space within the Green Zone, designed to showcase how cutting-edge technologies and innovative thinking can be harnessed to tackle climate change and keep global warming within the crucial 1.5°C limit. Children could attend the demonstrations exploring the role of technology and innovation in various aspects of climate action, from renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure to climate finance and community resilience. Some found it interesting to dive into the world of cutting-edge climate solutions through interactive exhibits showcasing innovative technologies like carbon capture and storage, green hydrogen production, and advanced climate monitoring systems. And also, they could embrace an environment that facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing to accelerate the development and deployment of climate technologies.


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