Eco Club’s Green October

In the month of October, the Eco Club embarked on a mission to nurture the environment and foster eco-consciousness among its members.

Throughout October, the Eco Club’s passionate eco-warriors dedicated their time and effort to create a vertical garden. The project not only aimed at beautifying the surroundings but also at promoting sustainability and green practices. Inspired by their enthusiasm, a few primary students took the initiative to buy plants and start small-scale gardening.

To expand the eco-friendly garden project, the eco-warriors introduced an innovative approach. They encouraged everyone to participate by collecting used plastic bottles. The collected bottles would be repurposed in the vertical garden project, enabling a more elaborate and environmentally friendly implementation.

Another eco-conscious initiative undertaken by the Eco Club was the collection of used batteries. Eco warriors motivated children to actively participate in this endeavor by gathering and depositing

used batteries into the battery collector conveniently located at the reception. This initiative not only aimed to prevent environmental harm but also fostered a sense of responsibility and awareness regarding proper waste disposal.



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