Clean Up Drive

Treasure Hunt!

In association with the Friends of the Environment Association. Around a hundred students from Al Saad Indian School teamed up to join the Desert Cleaning Campaign. The students were rather astonished by the amount of waste collected in the desert. One said ‘I never expected so much plastic in our deserts.’ Armed with bags and gloves, they marched into the emptiness of the desert in search of waste. In many pairs and groups, the students collected bags of trash. I found a butter knife in the desert. (Fun!) By the afternoon, they were exhausted from trash hunting. All returned to the base camp where water was supplied. After the treasure was collected. All of it was dumped in one place. Around more than five-hundred kilos of waste. Well, that’s 500 Kg(s) less of the 50 million tonnes that are lying around. Overall, the students opened their eyes to the reality of waste management. Someone once said

One’s waste is Another’s treasure.

Aadesh Mohanty




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