Happy Earth Day from Rawafed Private School!

Rawafed Private School students celebrating Earth day From a distance!

Together we protect the earth reduce pollution protect the natural resource  and recycle.

Happy Earth Day!

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8 Responses to Happy Earth Day from Rawafed Private School!

  1. Rawan Jibreel says:

    Lovely work

  2. Rabih Sleit says:

    Every day should be an earth day every one is responsible to protect the environment to have better and clean future .

  3. Dr. Bushra Foroodian says:

    We have a collective responsibility to take care of the world we live in, not only for now, but for future generations. Well done Rawafed Private School – it is lovely to see such creativity in your work!

  4. Nibal Lawand says:

    The earth is our responsibility , as citizens and educators we should spread awareness about the importance of keeping this place clean and safe!
    Well done Rawafed!

  5. Nada Kharouf says:

    Earth is not only our planet, it is home. We as educators have the responsibility to spread awareness around in our classrooms and everywhere we go. I’m so proud of the creativity revealed through our school, AlRawafed Private School. Well done.

  6. Nada Kharouf says:

    Earth is not any planet. It is our home and it is our responsibility to take care of it and educate our children about it. They should learn to respect it and pay close attention to its habitats. I’m so proud of the creativity Al Rawafed Private School students have shared in the projects they delivered on such a great day. Well done !

  7. So proud of our family at Rawafed Private School for the hard work and dedication put into protecting our home, the Earth! Keep up the great work in maintaining a sustainable environment for all future generations!

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