Al Rawafed Private School – 2019 Year of Tolerance Environmental Activities

  • The goal of our environmental education is to raise awareness among the students and the staff about certain environmental issues and the importance of suitability to have better future. Al Rawafed School believe in practicing sustainability rather than    only learning about it. The school engage the students in several projects, events and various awareness campaigns to development their knowledge and skills and bout the environment to lead them to better future.
  • Al Rawafed Private School selected students as Sustainable Ambassadors, to a program, sponsored by Mubadala Company (MASDAR). Which provide an opportunity to the students to develop their core knowledge and skills which prepare them for Abu Dhabi Sustainability week 2020

Al Rawafed Private School participated in several projects, environmental trips, events and campaigns 

  • Rawafed private School won the Sustainable Schools Initiative Award 2019,for outside education in field trips. Second place among all private school in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
  • The students collected more the 4 tons of old books and papers and exchange the with the Environment friends Society for recycling also they collected more than 10,000 plastic bottles and exchange them with simply bottles for recycling in order to reduce plastic waste.
  • The students campaigns  and celebrate the water day , Earth day , world environments day UAE environment day this gives the students an opportunity to raise awareness among the school and within their community 
  • The Students turn  plastic and recycled paper into art

Al Wathba Wetland 2017. An educational and environmental trip to help students to learn more about the desert life and several endangered species who made this their home and found shelter

Al Wathba Wetland 2019 boys trip they learned about new plant and species and they learned about the migration of the flamingos 

Trip to Masdar city 2019 the students learn more about the renewable and clean  energy. Also learn about the solar power plant

The hydroponic trip was one of a kind. It opened a new horizon to the students and teacher . They learned new way of planting and how to save water. 2019

Al Rawafed Private School Eco Club Members participated in the  AUS Environmental Day 2019

Trip to Shams power plant In Madinat Zayed 2019 students learnt about alternative sources of energy such as solar and thermal energy.
Through the visit, our students realized how Abu Dhabi aspires to be an international hub for renewable energy, new energy and sustainable technologies, thereby balancing its already strong hydrocarbon position. As an expression of this strategy, Abu Dhabi hosts the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency
also the students learned  more about how the UAE Government has rolled out a programme that aims to provide power to 20,000 homes ,the station contain more than 258000 parabolic mirrors produce power through renewable energy through  solar system   which aims to achieve 7% of renewable energy by 2020.

Mangrove 2019

  • Students learn that mangrove protect shorelines form damaging wind ,storms and waves ,also maintain water quality and clarity ,filtering pollutants  and store blue carbon ,and very important to ecosystem .
  • Mangrove provide nursery habitat  for many wildlife species including commercial fish.

Al Rawafed Students planting Damas and Ghaf trees inside and outside the school to reduce carbon emission 

Planting day at Al Rawafed Private School

Recycled boxes and plastic into customs for kids

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