Al Muna Primary School Update January 2016

Gardening club

This year we started a gardening club. A group of children designed and created an area for flowers and plants. They  wanted to make the area interesting and unusual. The children went to the plant souq to choose what they needed. They look after the garden on a daily basis. The next step is to create a vegetable garden where we can grow food for the school animals.

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The children at Al Muna school are committed to recycling. We often use recycled materials to create art work. The FS1 children went to the beach at Saadiyat Island to collect rubbish and brought it back to school to recycle and every day after lunch they recycle their own rubbish into the 3 boxes. The children helped to create this system in their classrooms.

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Lunch Bunch and the Special Care Centre

The Lunch Bunch started as a group who lunched and chatted with Mrs. Langton on Wednesdays and Mr. Howsen on Thursdays. They had an opportunity to visit the Special Care Centre and work with some of the children and young adults there. After that they decided to organise a fundraiser so they could buy books and games for them. They set up a movie afternoon and raised AED3000. They were responsible for every aspect of this  – advertising, selling tickets, putting on the movie and providing free popcorn. The next step is to visit the Special Care Centre on a regular basis to read stories and to help in any other ways they can.

Mohammed Khalifa N and Alison Ateeq 3 Humaid and Khalifa Q

School Animals

At Al Muna School we have tortoises, rabbits, ducks and chickens. We help to look after and feed them. This term we are going to take turns preparing their food and the gardening club are going to start to grow the vegetables here at school for them. We use the eggs that the chickens lay for cookery activities. As part of the curriculum we do observational drawings of the animals, research and learn about them.

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