Al Muna Primary School at the 2nd Eco Club Summit
for Sustainable School in the UAE

At the beginning of May three of our Eco Committee members were lucky enough to represent our school at the 2nd Eco Club Summit for Sustainable School in the UAE.  This was held at the Exhibition Centre in Abu Dhabi.

Al Muna children were the youngest children there!  They arrived and were treated to breakfast and then took their seats in the auditorium.  They listened to many interesting speakers and then watched a special video from Dr Jane Goodall.

The Eco Committee members then made their presentation about Roots & Shoots at Al Muna School to other delegates and were asked questions by other delegates about what worked well and why. They were brilliant at answering some tricky questions!

After an amazing lunch, Al Muna children took part in some workshops about Roots & Shoots and all too quickly it was time to return to school.

It was a fabulous learning experience for children and a chance to share what is important to them.

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