Can you move like a Hawksbill Turtle? We can!

FS1 turned into Hawksbill turtles and went on an amazing trip to the Park Hyatt on Sadiyaat Island. We were met by the hotels resident Marine Biologist who took us down to the beach to play some games. The children had to crawl through fishing nets and plastic bottles learning about how hard being a turtle is. We searched for turtle eggs (table tennis balls) and had to find our way through an obstacle course to reach them! We learnt how amazing the Hawksbill turtles are and how important it is to protect them, simply by making sure we always put our rubbish in the bin. A fabulous day!


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One Response to Can you move like a Hawksbill Turtle? We can!

  1. Mr H says:

    This sounds like an excellent activity!

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