Roots and Shoots Week

What a week we have had at Al Muna Primary School! Our first week back after the holidays has been our ‘Roots and Shoots’ week. Each year group has been busy learning about recycling and looking after our environment as well as learning all about Jane Goodall.

The Eco Committee went around the school making sure everyone was saving water by turning the taps off and making sure lights and computers were turned off when they weren’t being used.

FS1 used old magazines and newspapers to make some lovely jewellery and they used recycled bits and bobs to make some great instruments. We even made some giant chimpanzees by drawing around each other!


FS2 used lots of different recycled materials to make musical instruments. They made harps, guitars, drums, shakers, and even played them all together in a band! They also learnt all about chimpanzees and made some fantastic pictures.


Year 1 have been busy turning their classrooms into different habitats, such as under the sea. They used recycled materials to make the different creatures that live in the habitats, such as old CD’s to make some very shiny fish and jellyfish. They also had a marine biologist come into talk to them all about the underwater habitats in the UAE and how to look after the turtles.

Year 2 were very creative and used lots of different recycled materials to make some fabulous clothes and accessories. They designed them first and then worked together to create a whole new wardrobe! They also went around the school to check everyone was recycling! They designed and made some cars using recycled materials, one car even had solar panels!


Year 3 designed bags and then made them using more recycled materials. They thought very carefully about how they wanted to use the bags and what they wanted them to look like. They also came up with some amazing songs all about Jane Goodall and performed them to their friends. We also made some ‘pop up’ books on the internet about Jane Goodall which are brilliant!


Year 4 learnt loads of interesting facts about Jane Goodall and made fact files all about her life. They used books and the internet to find out information. They also designed and created a bag for Jane Goodall using recycled materials. The end results are fantastic!

Year 5 made some super carpets using recycled plastic bags. They plaited bags together and then wound them into a spiral shape. To stick them altogether they used the iron. What a great idea! An excellent addition to any home! They also had a visit from the marine biologist to learn all about looking after the local environment and the turtles that live around Abu Dhabi.


Year 6 were the media team for the week. They went round the different classes during the week and videoed what everyone was up to using the iPads. They added all of the videos together, to make a film about our ‘Roots and Shoots’ week.

The Oasis made a beautiful collage of Jane Goodall and a chimpanzee. They also used recycled material to make an incredible Burj Khalifa.


At the end of the week we had a special ‘Roots and Shoots’ assembly. Some of the children stood on the stage to talk about what they had been up to during the week. We had songs about Jane Goodall, videos and some of the children showed the ‘pop up’ book they had made on the big screen. At the end of the assembly we had a ‘Trashion Show’ where everyone got to show off their fabulous outfits and bags that they had made. Thursday was also ‘green day’ where everyone dressed up in green to raise lots of money for two of our local animal charities.




All in all a fabulous week! 🙂




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