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Instructables decorative tea box example

We’ve just created a new resource as part of our twinning programme with schools in the UK and we’d love you to give it a go! Even if you aren’t twinned yet, you could try it out with each other in your group (it’s a great resource to do at home).

Our Instructables resource takes students through all the steps to design, plan and create a model that conveys some information about their home country – a model of an animal that is common in that country, or a box decorated with meaningful designs. Then they write a set of instructions and send it to their twinning school. Each school then follows the instructions to make the item, photographs it and sends back the results.

It’s a great way to share creative skills and learn something about the country your twinned school is in.

Get involved with Twinning

Not already twinned with a school in the UK? Why not sign up and give it a go? All the details are on our twinning page, which is full of ideas and activities to got your started.

At a time of global uncertainty, it’s essential for young people to be outward-looking, open-minded, and to have an understanding of other cultures.

Your students will have the opportunity to learn about another group’s homeland, environment, wildlife, culture, religion and languages. Using technology such as email and video conferencing you can give your students a personalised look at your partner school and its students and activities. The perspectives you gain from another culture will encourage your students to express themselves clearly.

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