Become a UAE Ambassador for Nature

We at Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots UAE would like to tell you about an exciting opportunity for young people to become one of twenty ambassadors for nature and represent the UAE locally and internationally.

Connect with Nature is looking for remarkable young men and women aged between 15 and 30 to lead a movement for a greener, happier tomorrow – could it be you or someone you know? Ambassadors will lead the change with environmental initiatives that help mobilize their community and peers to take action for nature. They will be granted access to mentorship, skills-building opportunities and nurturing to become environmental leaders.

All you have to do to qualify is:

  • Earn a total of 10 badges through the Connect with Nature app (available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store), by taking part in exciting activities that can also count towards Duke of Edinburgh credits (don’t forget to write them up on the Roots & Shoots UAE website too!).
  • Get 10 friends to join the movement, and complete 1 challenge on the app.
  • Submit a video about why you want to become an Ambassador for Nature (and what makes them a good choice),

all before midnight on April 22nd.

After the completion of the three steps, all participants are eligible to receive an official completion certificate. Only 20 will go on to become Ambassadors for Nature.

This is a chance to make a difference locally and across the UAE, and to be seen as a change-maker by people across the world.

Download the Connect with Nature app (available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store) to get started.

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