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The Roots & Shoots UK group at James Allen’s Prep School do a lot of great work, like bake sales for  cancer charity Imagine for Margo and raising funds for Nepal. As part of their work they have put together a number of activity ideas and templates for use in their Roots & Shoots group that they would like to share with the Roots & Shoots community across the world. Feel free to adapt and use these for your local Roots & Shoots group, and don’t forget to keep us up to date with what you are doing to help people, animals and the environment by posting a story on this website.

  • Thinking of setting up a Roots & Shoots group at your school? This Roots & Shoots proposal gives a good template for how to let people know what the group is all about.
  • Advertise your group with a Roots & shoots poster (you can find more posters and stickers to use with your group here).
  • Keep track of club member’s achievements in their own Roots & Shoots book: Here’s an example cover plus achievement sheets for term 1 and term 2.
  • Award special achievements with your own Roots & Shoots certificate.

Does your Roots & Shoots group have a set of resources that you would like to share? Please contact us and we will arrange to post them on the website.

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