Our donation for the earthquake victims in Turkey

6 February 2023 was a dark day. A powerful earthquake hit Turkiye and Syria.

I wanted to help, so my friends and I got together. We went to the market to buy some supplies and chose canned food. We chose it because it would last longer.

So we first got some milk powder and canned tuna. After that, we got some rice and chickpeas. We also got instant pasta and baby diapers. Then we got baby formula. Finally, we got some biscuits and muffins.

Then we went to the Red Crescent drop off centre in Shahama, Abu Dhabi. The bags were very heavy but we carried them anyway. When we went in, we saw lots of bags from other people containing blankets, clothes and food. We dropped our bags off. We hope the supplies get there soon and turn out useful. We realized that together our budget doubled. We liked that.
– Zainab Bint Haider

We went to Select supermarket on Saturday with Zainab. We had a budget of 300 dirhams but we still did not know what to buy at first.

I thought at first that there were a lot of babies who lost their moms. So I thought we should buy milk powder first. After that, we went to buy instant noodles. We bought the curry chicken flavour because we figured most people like chicken more than fish. We proceeded to the dry foods aisle to get rice and nuts. And also croissants, biscuits and muffins. These foods are airtight and they last longer. The last item we got were diapers because they are a necessity. I was calculating while putting things in the trolley so when we reached our budget we went to the cashier and paid.

On the way to our drop off point, the Red Crescent, I was wondering how fast our food would get there. There were heaps of food there that made me think about how many people were starving and people giving.

On the way home, I felt fortunate about the situation we were in. I also felt happy I had contributed in giving some food.

– Rayyan Abdul Ghani

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