If I deserve a home, so do the animals!

February 14, 2023

Today, our teacher Mr Metzger explained the process of planting tree saplings. We planted ten saplings including Ghaf, Sidr and Moringa. A shopkeeper who works in one of the shops in the downtown area said that we could use the plot in front of his store. I thought that was very kind of him. Also, the plot is down the street from my house so I can go and check up on the trees.

The ground was very hard and that made it difficult to dig. I was really sweaty and dirty but after I put the sapling in the hole and poured water around it, I felt satisfied. I hope that one day this tree will grow tall and provide shade to many people and animals that come by it. I would like more opportunities to plant trees because they are being cut down faster than they are being planted. When you cut down a tree it’s not just the tree you kill which is pretty bad, but you also kill all the animals that depend on it. It’s their home too. If I deserve a home, so do the animals.

Isa Farid age 9

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