My thoughts about my field trip and cool bee facts! Rhys Hall

1. The honey tasting part was cool. I have tasted honey a little in YEARS.
2. Bees need to live because bees pollinate crops. Without bees humans would be hungry.
3. Bees have been dying at an alarming rate. The main culprit is pesticides and parasites. These kill the bees. Bees do not deserve to die like this. In the future hopefully bees will survive.
4. Some bees do NOT work in colonies! Take the blue orchard bee. This kind of bee lives in isolation building a nest for its babies.
5. The coolest part of the field trip by far was going to look at a beehive! (note: Some of the bees really hated me and tried to sting me through my netting on the bee suit I was wearing. It was probably because we pulled out their hive.)

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