Bee Keeping Workshop

We visited a bee farm and it was such an amazing experience. We learned and explored a lot of new things.

There we took on three activities:

1.candle making

2.honey tasting

3.bee keeping


We made little candles which were bee hive shaped.

There were 2 types of bee’s wax, the commercial store bought. and the raw uncleaned bee’s wax.

I used both so there was the raw wax on the top and the commercial on the bottom. the raw wax had a darker brown color, while the commercial wax had a nice cream color. the wax smells sweet, and overtakes the fragrances that you add in manually, i used cinnamon and coffee. the fragrance options where;  coffee, cinnamon, rosemary, banana, and pineapple. the candles are small and have a nice round shape, they felt smooth, they also had little bees on the sides.


We wore big suits so we would not get hurt if a bee stings us, there were lots of zips, the ones for the little children were yellow and for adults they were white, it felt like we were an Astronaut and they also had gloves.

There were many beehives, and lots of bees. we also found the queen bee. we used something called a smoker to calm the bees down and prevent the chances of getting stung, the bees where very busy in their work, we found many worker bees, 2 drones, and the queen bee.


There were 5 different types of honey to taste and a worksheet to fill, with questions such as

What is the texture of the honey? how does it feel in your mouth? how sweet is it? ETC

They told us that their is one secret honey that is not actually a honey, and they will reveal it at the end.

My favorite was #1 and my least favorite was #3. my guess on the fake honey was #4, it was not a normal consistency or color of honey, however it still tasted sweet and like honey. #4 was actually not honey, it was agave syrup, which is a substitute to sugar, honey and molasses.

Imaan Abdul Mateen


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