Kitten rescue

A few months ago my mom was picking up a cat tree for my sister’s cat and also getting milk. When she was walking to the milk store door, she saw this helpless kitten standing there. She went and got the milk and put it in the car, then went back to the kitten and took her home in a bag.

Meanwhile at home we were so excited about the cat tree we didn’t notice the cat room door closed. A while later my sister noticed the door closed and went to open it, she found our mom in there trying to get the kitten to eat but she was a little scared. A few days later we took her to the vet, and they said she has pneumonia and was very dehydrated. She got a few shots, and the vet gave us some medicine. As she took the medicine every day she was slowly recovering and starting to play. We named her Mira. We were not planning on keeping her, but I wouldn’t let her go. We have her to this day!

This is a experience I never thought I would come across till I was older. Having a cat comes with responsibilities and I have grown a lot since we got her. I was extremely happy because I have always wanted my own cat. She really brought a light to my life! It is also really entertaining to watch and play with a cat.

Asiya Emran: 11


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