Featured School – Sunrise English Private School

We have been so busy this year!  Here is a glimpse into some of our Sustainable Missions:

  1. Save the Planet Campaign

Save the planet Campaign was done in Capital Mall, Musaffa on 8/11/2019. Students, teachers and parents took a decision to fight against single use of plastic thereby protect our marine life. An awareness campaign was conducted and the members of ECOS – Eco Club of Sunrise, supplied ecofriendly plastic bags to the customers and explained to them the harmful impact of plastic on our environment and marine life.

  1. Started a vegetable garden and Microgreens in the school premises

We have a sustainable garden comprising of a hydroponic farm and vegetable garden with micro greens.  Micro greens are vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed. They are highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants. It is very effective to fight against obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. We don’t need a garden-only sunlight.

The water recycling system ensures the usage of less water thereby keeps it sustainable.

  1. Effective recycling of cans and paper

The enthusiastic and the responsible students of the school keep a penchant on collecting cans and newspapers in bulk and have demonstrated that they will always remain active when it comes to safeguarding the earth in every possible way.

This year we collected more than 2,000 kg of paper and 40 kg of cans, which were given to EEG by the school for effective recycling.

  1. Smart waste management in school

Students of Eco club in sunrise English private school do their commendable part to help UAE by converting food waste into compost and reducing landfill areas. Students collect food waste from their home and deposit them in the bin placed at the school which will be converted into organic fertilizer by using the compost machine. Once the Fertilizer is produced, it will be used for the school organic farm and the rest will be sold among the parents and the community. Our machine can turn food scraps into organic manure in 4 hours thereby transforming food waste of the day into organic fertilizer for your vegetable garden before you go to bed.

  1. Environmental day(s) celebration conducted in School assembly

In our school, we conduct special assembly and activities on each and every environmental day  – Ozone day, Earth day, World food day etc.

  1. Green Audit in School (Air, Water, Land, Energy, Waste)

Every year we conduct a Green Audit to assess the usage of air, water, land, energy and waste. This spreads awareness amongst the children about the need of efficient utilization of the sustainable resources and the further actions to be taken to minimize the wastage of resources.

  1. Fish Awareness Campaign conducted in the community

The students conducted an awareness campaign in Mushrif Mall –Fish Market to spread awareness about the extinction of marine fishes in Abu Dhabi. The students prepared a questionnaire and did a survey among 60 families.

  1. E waste collection in our school and battery challenge started in 2019

We started a campaign to collect electronic waste and used batteries. Waste electrical and electronic equipment is becoming a major threat to the whole world. Its toxic emissions mixed with virgin soil and air cause harmful effects to the entire biota either directly or indirectly. This forms a small initiative by our school to fight against E Waste.

  1. Beach clean-up campaign as an initiative to protect our marine life.

Our school conducted a campaign to clean up the beach thereby removing the plastic wastes on the beach which causes threat to marine life

  1. Joined the Recycling competition (Simply bottles) in the month of November 2019

Simply Bottles works with schools, businesses, events and other organisations to increase recycling rates of PET plastic water bottles in the UAE through education and recycling campaigns. Simply Bottles focuses on recycling PET1, which are mainly plastic water bottles. This is one of the most commonly used plastics and it is the type of plastic required for recycling into yarn.

  1. Recycling project of used cooking oil to a Bio diesel Project

Initially we created awareness through the campaign in the classrooms, then we collected used cooking oil from the houses. The collected oil was deposited at The Tadweer Waste management for recycling. This initiative primarily aims at preventing Environmental pollution to provide a source of renewable energy and a cheaper alternative for natural energy resources.

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2 Responses to Featured School – Sunrise English Private School

  1. […] Sunrise English Private School in Dubai also has a green campaign in place. Students, among other sustainability projects, collect food waste from their homes and communities regularly. These are placed into the compost machine and converted into manure at the school. […]

    • Me and my students want to start the vermi composting in our school premise.So I have a request to start the same in our school.We would be very happy if we could start this and children can get their hands on experience

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