Peace, Love , Rescue Stray Animals – U A E .

It’s a sad but true fact that there’s way too many stray cats and cats & dogs in the UAE who need loving homes – many have been abandoned by expats leaving the country. That’s where Save Stray Cats in Ajman / Sharjah UAE come in. They’re a group indiual rescue group saving, feeding, organising TNR and rehoming this lovely creatures and looking out to rehoming them all, pls like us on Facebook , please share.

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5 Responses to Peace, Love , Rescue Stray Animals – U A E .

  1. The work you do is inspiring! Thank you so much!
    Please add the link to your Facebook page, so everyone can visit, share and hopefully help.
    Thank you. the Roots & Shoots Team

    • Mashaal Sait says:

      Dear Roots & shoots Team.,
      Good day to you !
      Thanks for your continuous support and kindly advice us to avail your member ship ID cards in order to work help the stray animals abuses which is enormous in our colony in ajman/ Sharjah – uae.
      God Bless u All , keep up the good work !

  2. Dear Jasmina .,
    We are privilege to know you and your work done worldwide under the patronage of the Only Indispensable Angel Jane GodallUAE, Having inspired by her work we a group of in dual stray animal rescuers based in Ajman & Sharjah UAE are struggling to help this voices angels survival during this summer in order to educate the commoner we try to accommodate information via google search which ever articles has information to pass on to the commoners residing in our areas we try to circulate in mean time your administrator of roots7shoots uae has suspended our account reason being that a information update which we copied for the internet did not have any copy rights but was helpful to understand which we tried to publish via our face book page and on our blog with you I don’t think is in appropriate kindly do look into this matter and advice us in order to proceed further in order to continue our common objective .
    Thanks & best regards

  3. We have a serious problem with UAE expats (Arab and non-Arab) abandoning their pets, from turtles to hamsters, to cats and dogs. If there’s a system in place that tracks animals that are registered with owners, then when they leave proof of whereabouts of animals should be requested (change of ownership/death certificate). Animal abuse is ignored. Just two weeks ago, a stray kitten was thrown from a balcony, twice, by a young boy who’s parents were not reprimanded, no community service for the boy even. Facebook groups like UAE pets, Pet Sale and Adoptions, etc. have many illegal breeders and residents soliciting mating partners for their unnutuered/spayed pets. Dumping an animal is animal abuse and many of would like to see Dubai Municipality enforce their animal welfare laws by police intervention and consequences. And also a system that can track animals before owners leave their pets behind. Such a beautiful city but animals are not the exception to the rule.

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