Empowered by EXPO: Our Eco Council’s Sustainable Mission

Empowered by EXPO: Our Eco Council’s Sustainable Mission

Our primary and secondary Eco Council embarked on a school trip to EXPO, where they discovered inspiration and knowledge to fuel their passion for sustainability. The Terra Sustainability Pavilion at EXPO with its vertical gardens, renewable energy innovations, and interactive displays, solidifyies their commitment to environmental responsibility.

The Terra Pavilion’s influence was profound, as our Eco Council members contemplated ways to apply their newfound insights at SCS. Their vision includes reducing single-use plastics, expanding green spaces, implementing recycling programs, and educating their peers about sustainability. However, they understand that this mission is a collective effort. They intend to collaborate with teachers, staff, and students to make our school a beacon of sustainability.

Stay tuned for updates on the initiatives our Eco Council will lead, aiming to make our school an example of environmental stewardship. This school trip to EXPO was just the start of our commitment to creating a sustainable future. Together, we can make a significant impact, not only on our school but also on our world. 🌍💚




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