Stop Single-Use Plastic at SCS

At Safa Community School, our Year 6 students have been inspired when learning about the effects of single use plastic. In their lessons, the learned how plastic is polluting our oceans, poisoning marine life and even the cause of death for many native animals here in the UAE!

The students were inspired to take action and decided to write speeches to persuade people to stop single-use plastic. After surveying the amount of plastic they were wasting in their lunches each day, the students realised that one area they could improve on was to target the waste packing from our school canteen. With this, they wrote speeches directed at the canteen to persuade them to reconsider the packaging used in their lunches! Have a listen to some of their inspiring work:

Zoya End Single Use Plastic Speech

Giacomo End Single Use Plastic Speech

The great new is, they have already made a difference and our canteen is working hard to make changes to help our environment.

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