International Collaboration –
Renewable Resources of Energy
in India and UAE

International Collaboration – Renewable Resources of Energy in India and UAE

On the 18th of February 2021, Thursday, the members of Bhavans Natura received the privilege of being in conversation with the students of Samata International School, India. The hour-long event consisted of nearly 10 students from each school talking about Renewable Resources of Energy in India and UAE. Over 2 schools from UAE and India participated in this virtual event with over 50 online viewers.

The occasion was graced by the presence of the Principal, Mr Samir Attar, the teacher coordinator, Ms Namrata Chaudary of Samata International School, The Principal of Private International English School, Bhavans Abu Dhabi, Ms. Girija Baiju and the Sustainable Schools Initiative (SSI) Coordinator of PIES, Ms Usha Kumari.

The Eco Champs –Aayushi Ramakrishnan (9B), Sreelakshmi Menon (9A), Adithya Sathyanath (11C), Aishwarya Shyjith (6) Gargi Jeughale (8B), Gnanasree Donavalli (8C) and Sooraj (8) were on the air during the event and were the student coordinators for the same. Many students gathered to listen to the interesting discussion between both schools regarding the importance of renewable resources of energy in the journey towards sustainability. The different sources of renewable energy in India and countries of the Middle East were also discussed. Furthermore, the students discussed new and innovative ideas in sustainability and how they can be applied.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience where everyone gained a lot of information and food for thought. Furthermore, the students learned to hone their many skills and values such as decision making, problem-solving, critical thinking, event management, communication and teamwork/collaboration. Bhavans Natura hopes to host many such events to carry on with its aim of reaching maximum sustainability, inspire the community to make the planet cleaner, greener and a better place to live in.

Usha Kumari

Coordinator of SSI & Eco Club

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