Batteries are essential for the survival of our eclectic electronic devices, but do they play an essential role in ravaging and subsidizing the lifespan of planet earth as well? Well, of course they do. At the termination of their usable stage, we dump them in the landfill which leads to the releasing of a plethora of chemicals. Consequently, it harms our planet of inhabitance. To abate the ravage caused by these batteries, Bhavans Natura is here with yet another sustainable initiative. Dubbed the Great Battery Challenge, it was done in collaboration with a Sharjah-based company, Bee’ah. It incepted in January and ceased in the month of March. Students were called on to contribute to this green move, by bringing in AA and AAA batteries which were used and damaged. This green piece of information was received in a very optimistic manner by students and parents alike and thus we accumulated a humongous quantity of used and damaged batteries which accounted to about 15 kgs. With this large amount of contribution, the Great Battery Challenge was a grand success in the school campus and here’s to more such sustainable initiatives to attain our golden ambition of a greener, cleaner and sustainable school campus!

Reported by

Usha kumari v

Coordinator –SSI and Eco Club

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