Throwback Project – Mayoor Private School – Microgreens – Connect with Nature

Throwback Project – Mayoor Private School – Microgreens – Connect with Nature

Objective: learning the basics of plant biology, developing awareness and interest in plants as food. Learn how to conduct investigation systematically using scientific processes.

Growing microgreens is not just for adults, it can be a fun way for children to connect with nature. Microgreens provide an engaging project at home or at school, teaching about where food comes from and how to grow it.

Students from KG to Grade 12 actively participated in the project and submitted their own microgreens to the class teachers. They have used different kinds of seeds for this project and parent support was amazing. Students documented the growth of plants in different ways like creating a photo documentary, videos and reports in their nature journals.

Students of KG2 had a wonderful planting hand-on activity for a week wherein they decided to sow their own seeds. They got a deeper understanding of the life cycle of the plant by observing daily their plant growing and maintaining their records in the record sheet. Students were now able to relate their understanding with the current unit “Plant Kingdom”.  Needs of the plant, life cycle of the plant, taking care of the plants

Photographs: Microgreens: How to Grow Nature’s Own Superfood




The enthusiastic Mayoorites have showcased their commitment towards a greener & cleaner world by actively participating in the project-based learning. They have successfully planted the seed of information – with the hope that things will get better, where people have the knowledge, will & commitment towards the environment. Students enjoyed and had a very good learning experience through this hands-on activity. It was nice to see them eager to show off their plants and excited to maintain the record of their plant growth. They have instilled a very caring attitude towards plants and their pet animals.

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