Take part in our JGI silent Auction ‘A Promise of Hope’ and support JGI’s African programmes

The Jane Goodall Institute’s European offices, lead by JGI Austria, have organised a virtual silent auction with the potential to buy some unique pieces, only on offer at this event. 
The auction will run from Friday 20th – Tuesday 24th November 2020. The money raised will go to support JGI’s projects in Africa.
Due to the pandemic, we will be running a virtual silent auction called ” A PROMISE OF HOPE “, where people can bid (between 7pm on 20th November and 11pm on 24th November) for the various items or experiences in the catalogue which you can review here. 
On 20th November 2020 at 10pm, there will be a live online kick-off with Jane Goodall, who will be joining directly from her home here in the UK.
Together with the host, JGI-A honorary ambassador Ina Sabitzer, Jane will talk about the current situation in Africa, project challenges, but also the current pandemic. As she donated some very personal items to the auction herself, she will also provide some more information and stories about these unique pieces. Dr. Alexander Giese, owner of Kunsthandel Giese und Schweiger, will share his expertise on the artwork of the auction. And there will also be an opportunity to ask questions.
The Jane Goodall Institute UK has several items in the auction, including a replica of Mr H, the toy monkey Jane takes with her everywhere she visits when she is lecturing around the World, made by JGI UK employee Claire Quarendon.  There is also a lovely painting of Jane and David Greybeard, the first chimpanzee to lose its fear of Jane, and her favourite chimp. The painting is signed by both the artist, Ben Harrison and Jane.
Roots & Shoots UK has a beautiful set of 5 drawings by Joshua Railer signed by some of the UK’s favourite people in conservation and animal welfare.
If you want to participate in the auction, you can look at the online catalogue here and bid on this link (only accessible from 20th November).
Good luck!
the Roots & Shoots team

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