Dunes Deliver an exciting Webinar on ‘Connect Community, Connect Nature’

“The Earth is what we all have in common”, a statement that speaks immensely with regards to the prevailing condition of our Mother Earth.

Dunes International School celebrated The World Environment Day 2020 under the theme “biodiversity” – a concern that is both urgent and existential. The very fact that human beings are gifted with wisdom and intellect, is to understand that our lives are dependent on nature and its millions of species. But sadly, we’re losing biodiversity globally at an alarming rate, and we need a plethora of different plants and animals, for the planet’s health and more importantly, our own.

Dunes International School arranged a session on ‘Connect Nature, Connect Community’ with Tara Golshan, Executive Director, Education at The Jane Goodall Institute, UK and UAE, to mark World Environment Day 2020. Tara covered the challenges of our current scenario and explained that, as human beings, how we can survive the pandemic and protect our mother earth.

Collective human actions are transforming, even ravaging, the biosphere – perhaps irreversibly – through global warming and loss of biodiversity. A change on our ‘individual’ bases can prove a vital factor in saving biodiversity.

It was a really inspirational and informative session, attended by parents and students of grade 4 to 6 and was followed by an interactive Q&A session. In the second half, children asked many questions to which the guest speaker explained very well. Ms. Tara concluded her session by giving a message for Environmental Day. ‘We should promise to do our part in promoting environmental awareness not just individually or in our own families, but beyond, to the community level as well.  Let’s create a balance and share the planet wisely with our surrounding species”.

Main Points discussed in the session:

  • Environment in pre-covid and after covid-19.
  • How can we help preserve the environment?
  • What can children do during lockdown to remain connected with nature?
  • How children can look after the abundant animals.
  • How to spread awareness about conserving nature.

Riya Rose Francis, 5G said: “It was such a pleasure to listen to all the insights you gave us. It was so inspirational that more of us are definitely going to be more conscious and responsible about protecting our Earth and environment!” 

“It was a pleasure to give this workshop to Dunes.  The students were proactive and interested in facing the current challenges and keen to develop methods for addressing them both in the current climate, but also in its future implications”  Tara Golshan, Executive Director.

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It has been hard to adjust to studying from home. It is now even more important than ever to remember that even with social distancing we can continue making a positive difference!  And, in some cases, it can actually be a benefit.

If you feel that your class needs that extra inspiration or has questions on how to contribute from home, get in touch!  We are here to support you.

We can organise a Zoom call with our Executive Director, Tara Golshan, for an interactive session with the students; a talk about our new ‘environment’; asking questions; sharing ideas and getting tips on how to help the environment, animals and your local community during these challenging times.

If you are interested in booking a session please e-mail Jasmina Georgovska at jasmina@janegoodall.org.uk


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