Act Responsible, Think Sustainable

Sustainability is the key to a thriving future. By making conscious choices today, we can ensure a better tomorrow for ourselves and for the planet. At TIAD, we are taking responsibility and action today for a sustainable tomorrow. Have a glimpse of the Middle and Secondary Sustainable initiatives:

Fruits of Integrity

A sustainable drive that helps students to realize the narrow line between integrity and being honest by incorporating sustainable development goals – Goals 1,2,3,12,16 and 17. It educates the students to have a choice and to utilize that choice on how to influence a change in their world. Students deposit fruit into the integrity basket every day where the basket is open to all and anyone can purchase the fruit with an AED 1 or just take it, it’s their choice. This choice encompasses his/her judgment in doing the action.

Human Library

The Indian Academy society being aim at different sustainable drives that connect the student community with the balancing world, a unique initiative named Human Library incorporating the sustainable development goals – Goals 3, Goal 16, and 17. The drive is based on balancing the social and emotional quotient of students by making use of humans as their reference. It is a space where a student loans a teacher to share real-life stories that can relate to them to get inspired to aspire.  It will help the receiver to change the perception of judgment.

Swiddly – A secondhand book market

We are proud to announce that The Indian Academy owns a Swiddly trade license from this community club for sustainability. Swiddly, licensed by the Dubai Economic Department, is an initiative to promote the reusability and sustainability of books and stationery and promote a friendly environment. On creating a virtual shop on Swiddly, the Swiddly Team issues a ‘Swiddly Trader License’ encouraging youth to experience entrepreneurship skills at a young age. The experience is provided free of charge where the youth can own a virtual shop free of cost, the cost of a trader’s license is also free of charge and the listing of books is another service free of cost. Thus, inculcating promising sustainable entrepreneurs in the UAE. Angelika Sarah Misquith is awarded as the most aspiring entrepreneur in Swiddly.

Sustainability Report Submission Winners Announced

Car Free day survey

The inquisitive and innovative learning community of The Indian Academy conducted a survey named ‘Car free day’ survey to study the immediate society on the usage of automobiles for their mobility. The survey helped the community to introspect on their pollution donation and build the urge to come out with different green strategies for decarbonization. The initiative is focused on sustainable goals – SDG 3,4,7,9,11,12,13,15, and 17.






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