BeReal – Connecting Students to Body Positivity

On 11th January 2023, the members of the Health and Mind club conducted “BeReal” an open mic event where students explored the topic of ‘Body Positivity’.

The focus of the open mic event was to educate students about feeling good about their body and how it looks. Body positivity is truly embracing yourself and your body for what it is, ignoring other people’s opinions and focusing on yourself; it is an excellent starting point for students on the path of self-acceptance and confidence. Due to societal standards, students tend to believe that they must look a certain way to be beautiful, and these standards have risen even higher because of social media.

The girls of grades 9 and 11 were asked thought-provoking questions and received wonderful responses via the open mic. Everyone understood how critical it is to accept yourself for who you are, as this leads to better mental and physical health.

Health & Mind Club members led the student community in taking a pledge promising to practice body positivity This was indeed a moving act that brought all the participants together.

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