Join the Climate Force Challenge

Take part in Robert Swan’s Climate Force Challenge and help achieve the target of reducing carbon emissions by 326 million tonnes by 2025!

Roots & Shoots Ambassador Robert Swan is dedicating his life to raising awareness of the preservation of Antarctica, the Earth’s last great wilderness. As part of this effort, he has established the Climate Force Challenge, a 7 year goal to clean up 326 million tonnes of C02 before the year 2025, and YOU can help!

We’re asking all our Roots & Shoots group members to challenge themselves to make changes to their lifestyles to reduce their CO2 usage. To help you along, we’ve built a tool for this website where you can record the changes you are making and collect CFC Points. The more CFC Points collected, the more CO2 saved.

The gauges below show how many CFC Points the Roots & Shoots groups in the UAE have collected so far this month, and in total.

CFC Points for July 2024

CFC Points Overall


So, how does it work?

Simple! We’re just asking each Roots & Shoots group to let us know what they have done in each of the following categories:

  • REDUCE – what has the group changed about their behaviour this month to reduce the resources they use compared to their behaviour before the challenge started. This might include reducing electricity usage by turning off lights at home or saving water (and hence energy) by e.g. turning off the tap when brushing teeth, using a shower instead of a bath, etc. (you can find lots more water saving ideas in our Water Saving: Do an Audit, Make a Pledge! activity).
  • REUSE – what has the group re-used this month that they never used to. This might include using a re-usable water bottle or coffee cup, tupperware instead of clingfilm, etc.
  • RECYCLE – what has the group recycled this month? E.g. plastic and glass bottles, cans, textiles, etc.
  • ACT – what has the group done to proactively reduce CO2 this month? This is a broad category that can include e.g. planting trees/plants, fixing something (e.g. dripping tap), teaching others about how to save CO2, etc.

We’ll add up all your good work in each of the categories and record how your group is doing on your very own Climate Force Dashboard, just like this one:

The CFC Points Dashboard for your Roots & Shoots group

The more you reduce, reuse, recycle and act, the more your group’s gauge will move from red to green, indicating more CO2 saved. You can also see overall gauges for Roots & Shoots UAE as a whole on the homepage and at the top of this page.

Want to take part and enter points for your own Roots & Shoots group?

If you are already a member of Roots & Shoots in the UAE then you can login at the top of this page then use the ‘My CFC Dashboard’ link that will appear in the sidebar on the right to get to your own dashboard – the login form looks like this:

Login Fields

If you are not currently a member you can find out more about joining Roots & Shoots in the UAE here.

Can I see how other groups are doing?

Of course! You can access the CFC dashboard for every Roots & Shoots group in the UAE by following the links in the members list.

I’m in! Do you have anything to read for inspiration before we start?

Of course!  We’ve got a great list of example ways to save CO2 here, plus why not take a look through our resources for more ideas, read all the great mission updates detailing what our member groups have been up to, and check out all the latest updates from Robert Swan’s epic sustainable trip to the Antarctic with his son Barney.


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